The Rapid River in Western Maine is synonymous with brook trout fly fishing. At one time, the Rapid was home to brook trout that rivaled the sizes of their cousins in Labrador, Canada. These days, the big trout are a little more scarce, but the river still produces excellent numbers of healthy sized trout and is probably still an anglers best chance to catch a true trophy trout over 20 inches in length in the United States. Healthy numbers of landlocked salmon call the river home as well. The scenic Rapid is the steepest dropping river East of the Mississippi and can offer challenging wading conditions depending on flows. The river fishes best in May, June and September. The Rapid is located behind a locked gate, and is accessible via dirt road and a modest 1.5 mile walk in. Trips to the Rapid are limited to full-day trips only. This is a labor intensive trip and it’s recommended for folks in good physical condition.