The Magalloway River begins its life deep in the woods of Western Maine, near the border with New Hampshire and Quebec. The river starts as a twisting, turning, tanic stained freestone river emerging from Moose Bog. The river widens over its course and features deep, wide pools and intermittent stretches of shallow riffles, before tumbling over Little Boy Falls and emptying into Parmacheenee Lake. Below Parmachenee, the Middle Magalloway exits as a wide flat river before falling over the remnants of the old Keenans Dam, and dropping swiftly for a mile and emptying into Aziscohos Lake. Both the Upper and Middle River are home to a healthy population of native brook trout and wild landlocked salmon. Spring and Fall see runs of big, lake-dwelling trout and salmon into the system. Spring and Fall are the preferable times to fish. Summer can provide opportunities as well if cool wet weather keeps water temps favorable. Access to the Upper River is limited because of locked gates, and anglers seeking to fish this stretch need to reserve a stay at Bosebuck Mountain Camps. Starting in 2018, Top Notch Fly Fishing LLC is the principal guide service utilized by Bosebuck Mountain Camps. Anglers staying at the camp can expect the traditional Maine sporting camp experience, and will be allowed drive-in access to the Upper and Middle Magalloway with their guide. To book a stay at Bosebuck Mountain Camps you can click here.